Independent Karate School
New Hampshire's premier martial arts organization since 1979

For more than thirty years, the Independent Karate School has been setting young people on the path to a confident and productive adulthood.

Our school teaches the traditional martial arts of kenpo and jyu-jitsu. Refined over the centuries, these disciplines have distilled many generations of knowledge and insight into highly effective systems of self-defense. (For more information, please see What We Teach).

At the Independent Karate School, our long history provides us with an established tradition of safe, effective teaching and a deep bench of experienced instructors. (Please see Our Instructors and A Typical Class).

Classes at the IKS, while physically energetic, are taught in an atmosphere of calm authority. Disciplined, respectful, and courteous behavior is expected from instructors and students alike. We take great pride in teaching our students to defend themselves skillfully and definitively, should the need ever arise. We are equally proud of teaching them, through the example of our senior instructors, that true strength is always characterized by restraint.

At the IKS, our goal is to make self-defense training possible for all who wish to undertake it. Our flexible schedule allows students to train with varying degrees of intensity, as their level of interest and other commitments may dictate. No long-term financial commitments are ever required.

Of course, the best way to get to know the Independent Karate School is to pay us a visit. Prospective students are more than welcome to try a class with no obligation, and no need to make special arrangements in advance. Please see our schedule for exact times and locations. We look forward to meeting you!