A Typical Class


Each class begins with an organized warm-up period. Students line up by rank order, and the head instructor leads the class in calisthenics and stretching.


Once students have warmed up, every class session includes "basics," a period of practice in the basic stances, movements, and strikes of karate.

On the command of the head instructor, students execute a series of blocks, strikes, and kicks. These drills commonly take place at a rapid-fire pace, requiring students to pay close attention to the instructor's commands. The head instructor will also use this period to teach proper execution of each move, providing commentary or demonstrations as needed. Additional instructors circulate to assist younger students and make corrections to form.


After basics, students are organized into smaller groups by rank, and each group is assigned one or more instructors. During this period, students commonly receive instruction in the forms and self-defense techniques that are specific to their rank. For example, students may be instructed in a new technique, then pair off to practice with a partner under the instructor's supervision.


After instruction by rank, students reconvene as a group. At some classes, students may be able to take turns sparring at this time. At others, students may have the opportunity to break boards. Other types of group drills or demonstrations may also take place. To conclude the class, the head instructor will typically hold a brief discussion pertaining to our school's philosophy, and make any necessary announcements. Class is then dismissed.