Our Instructors

Classes at the Independent Karate School are normally directed by one of our shihans (master instructors). Shihans are easily recognizable by the red uniform jackets that they wear. These master teachers are adults who have attained the rank of sixth-degree black belt or higher, and who have made a significant commitment to teaching and leadership within our school.

At each class, the head instructor supervises the entire group for warm-ups and "basics" (see A Typical Class ). He or she will then decide how to divide the group and assign students to instructors for personalized attention. Throughout the class, the head instructor monitors the behavior and progress of all students, and provides supervision for the assistant instructors.

The head instructor of each class is commonly assisted by other qualified IKS instructors. Most assistant instructors are in their teens or twenties and have achieved the rank of first-degree black belt or higher. Assistant instructors help beginners and younger students during basics and other group activities, as well as providing advice and corrections to more advanced students. During instruction by rank, they teach small groups of students as assigned.